History and African Studies Seminar -- Past Presentations

This archive contains all seminars since 1999. There are a few missing, unfortunately, due to technical problems. While the site is licensed under Creative Commons, please respect the copyright of all individual authors.
Seminar Date Presenters Title
June 4, 2014 Glenn Moss The New Radicals: A Generational Memoir of the 1970s
May 28, 2014 Goolam Vahed, Thembisa Waetjen Shifting Grounds: The Search for a School Site in a Divided City, 1943-1948
May 21, 2014 Duncan Du Bois Natal South Coast Region: A review of African interaction with colonization
May 14, 2014 Roine Wiklund Infrastructural Systems and Technical Change
October 30, 2013 Kalpana Hiralal Women and migration in South Africa - historical and literary perspectives
October 23, 2013 Madoda Xolani Zondi The creation of a first African township in Natal: Lamontville
October 9, 2013 Scott Couper ‘They have opened their doors to black children at our expense’: Inanda Seminary’s lost monopoly
October 7, 2013 Percy Ngonyama Mzala: A short intellectual biography
September 11, 2013 Ntokozo Mthembu Finding Our Head without Losing Our Feet: Morality of Circumcision among The Zulus.
September 3, 2013 Marijke du Toit, Jenny Gordon Environmental Portraiture, Neighbourhood photo documentary and Family Photographs in the Making of the Breathing Spaces Exhibition.
August 21, 2013 Goolam Vahed, Thembisa Waetjen Passages of Ink: Decoding the Natal Indentured Records into the Digital Age
August 14, 2013 Bheki Mngomezulu Why did regional integration fail in East Africa in the 1970s? A historical explanation.
June 5, 2013 Michael R Mahoney Towards a History of African Unemployment in South Africa: Bringing Political Economy ‘Back In’ to South African Historiography
May 29, 2013 Marijke du Toit The Gender Politics of 'Native Child Welfare' in Durban, 1930-1939.
May 22, 2013 Julie Parle Searching for the okapi: is there a history of thalidomide in (South) Africa?
May 8, 2013 Thembisa Waetjen Sputnik from Below: Space Age Science and Public Culture in Southern Africa
April 25, 2013 Scott Couper “‘But Let Us Remember Him Then and Never Forget…’: The Dilution of Satyagraha in South Africa”
April 17, 2013 Duncan Du Bois The birth of Alfred County: 1844-1870
March 20, 2013 Goolam Vahed Historicizing Muslim Women's Identities: Perspectives from South Africa
March 6, 2013 Bo Nordell Global energy accumulation and net heat emission
February 27, 2013 Veronica Ehrenreich-Risner The Effect of Apartheid’s “Tribal Authorities” on Chieftaincy and the Zulu People: Separate Development in Mtunzini District 1950-1970
October 10, 2012 Vukile Khumalo Introduction: Power and Public Discourse: Umvoti Mission Reserve and the Politics of Economic Experiments in Nineteenth Century Natal, 1860–1900
September 5, 2012 Duncan Du Bois Natal South Coast: The 1870s - A Decade of lost opportunities
August 29, 2012 Andries Bezuidenhout From Compounded to Fragmented Labour: Mineworkers and the Demise of Compounds in South Africa
August 15, 2012 Debby Bonnin Globalisation and the Work of South African Textile Designers
July 25, 2012 James Sweet “Today he cures; tomorrow he kills”: Domingos Álvares, African Healing, and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic World
March 14, 2012 TJ Tallie “That shameful trade in a person”: Ilobolo, polygamy, and the logics of settler colonialism in Natal, 1850-1893'
March 14, 2012 Karthigasen Gopalan The Role of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha in (Re) Making Hinduism in South Africa (1912-1960)
December 7, 2011 Jeff Guy The Remarkable Mr Peppercorne
November 30, 2011 Goolam Vahed Gender and Citizenship in a South African Township: A case study of the WFRA
November 23, 2011 Robert Morrell Sexuality and the limits of agency among South African teenage women:Theorising femininities and their connections to HIV risk practises
November 16, 2011 Duncan Du Bois The evolution of the Indian question in Natal, 1860 – 1897
November 9, 2011 Julie Parle "The Hospital was just like a Home" : Self, Service and the 'McCord Hospital Family'
November 2, 2011 Vusi Buthelezi Killie Campbell and Her collection: Challenging the General Norms Museum Collection
October 26, 2011 Scott Couper 'What am I fit for?': Negative Manifestations of Bantu Education at the Inanda Seminary during the 1970s
October 19, 2011 Catherine Burns The Children's Hospital in Durban
October 12, 2011 Prinisha Badassy The milk was conclusive: Infanticide at Edendale and the Political and Moral Economy of Birth and Christianity, 1895 – 1905
October 5, 2011 Sthembiso Bengu Factory regimes and beyond: re-theorising production politics in post-apartheid SA industry
September 21, 2011 Stephen Sparks “Spoiling the neighborhood, pulling down the town”: Town planning, class and respectability in the making of Sasolburg, 1950-1976
September 14, 2011 Corinne Sandwith Civility in Question: Cultural Debates in the Non-European Unity Movement
September 7, 2011 Nafisa Essop Sheik Toward a Comparative Understanding of African and Indian Marriage Exchange Regulation in colonial Natal
August 31, 2011 Bernard Dubbeld Superfluous labour, state weakness, and the contradictions of 'political' subjectivity in South Africa
August 24, 2011 Keith Breckenridge Global genealogies of biometric government
August 17, 2011 Bill Freund A Ghost from the Past: The South African Developmental State of the 1940s
August 10, 2011 Keith Hart Jack Goody’s vision of world history and Africa today
August 3, 2011 Jonathan Glassman Violence as racial discourse in late colonial Zanzibar
June 1, 2011 Vusi Buthelezi Treasures of the South: The History and Holdings of Campbell Collections
May 25, 2011 Jill E. Kelly The "Peace Chief" Mhlabunzima Maphumulo: Conflict over Land and Authority in Mbambangalo during the Udlame
May 11, 2011 Raymond Suttner Revisiting National Democratic Revolution: “the national question”
May 4, 2011 Dilip Menon "Emblems for the Souls Consent" : India in the first decade of independence
April 13, 2011 Jon Soske The 1949 Anti-Indian Pogrom and the Crisis in the Natal ANC
April 6, 2011 Erica Dwyer Where global science and rural KZN meet: The labor of drug resistant TB in Tugela Ferry
March 30, 2011 Hlonipha Mokoena "Abantu Abamnyama": A Prelude to a Book
March 23, 2011 Madhumita Lahiri Allegory, Geography, Gandhi
March 16, 2011 Daniel Magaziner Black Consciousness and the Politics of Culture in 20th Century South Africa
March 9, 2011 Vanessa Noble One's Memories of the Medical School are full of Ambivalence and Contradictions': Experiences of Studying Medicine in Durban
March 2, 2011 David W Cohen A Curator's Fingers: Photographers, Subjects, and The Third Thing
February 23, 2011 Keith Breckenridge Galton's Imperial Science: The South African origins and objects of Eugenics
February 16, 2011 Preben Kaarsholm Transnational Islam and public sphere dynamics in KwaZulu-Natal: rethinking South Africa’s place in the Indian Ocean world
February 9, 2011 Jacob Dlamini Stray natives and problematic animals: A bounded history of the Kruger National Park, 1926 to 1951
November 3, 2010 Kyla ONeilll Seeking in Silence: The Challenges of Writing the Recent History of Intersexuality in South Africa from 1950-present
October 27, 2010 Scott Couper “At the Expense of Its Own Soul”: Bantu Education’s Threat of Closure to Inanda Seminary
October 20, 2010 Glen Thompson Salvaging Surfing's Sixties: Narrativity and Nostalgia in the Making of Surfing Heritage in South Africa
October 13, 2010 Steve Kotze Farm names in KZN
October 6, 2010 Keith Breckenridge Technology of Empire: Edward Henry on the Witwatersrand
September 15, 2010 Karthigasen Gopalan Travelling Hindu Missionaries
September 8, 2010 Gerhard Maré Fear of numbers: reflections on the South African case
September 1, 2010 Nafisa Essop Sheik ‘...trying to eat with both sides of his jaw at once’: Examining the Legal Status of African Christian Marriage in Colonial Natal
August 25, 2010 Stephen Sparks '...their cultures were not well invested in them’: Cultural Entrepreneurship and the Production of History in Zamdela township, Sasolburg
August 18, 2010 Monica Patterson Talking about things that hurt us: Constructions of Childhood in the TRC
August 11, 2010 Gillian Hart Water is the burning issue: Fluid politics and the contradictions of local government
August 4, 2010 Peter Cole Dockers matter/Dock matters: labour and race relations in Durban and the San Francisco Bay Area, 1960s and 1970s
June 2, 2010 Pier Larson A Very Funny School: Youth and the Work of the Word at Antananarivo
May 26, 2010 Lauren Jarvis "Let the Queen not take him merely by the hand": Cetshwayo, Imperial Patronage, and What the British Knew about Their Empire
May 19, 2010 Vukile Khumalo “A Great Invitation”: publics, assemblies and opinion formation in Natal, 1900 – 1910
May 12, 2010 Gerald West Jesus, Jacob, and the New Jerusalem: religion in the public realm between Polokwane and the Presidency
May 5, 2010 Ian MacQueen Black Consciousness in Dialogue: Richard Turner, Steve Biko and the 'Durban Moment', 1970 – 1974
April 28, 2010 Molly Margaretten uGogo: Residing with the Spectral in South Africa
April 21, 2010 Jo-Anne Tiedt Politicising the Race: the silent protest of 1981
April 14, 2010 Jon Soske Miscegenation, Feminine Virtue, and the Boundaries of Domestic Space in 20th century Durban
April 7, 2010 Marc Epprecht Health, environment and the racialisation of space in Pietermaritzburg/Edendale, 1880-1950: Revisiting the 'sanitation syndrome'
March 24, 2010 David W Cohen Perils and Pragmatics of Critique: Reading Barack Obama Sr.’s 1965 review of Kenya’s development plan (2010)
March 17, 2010 Bernard Dubbeld Histories of Insecurity in Glendale: Place, Race, Economy
March 10, 2010 Eva Jackson Exceptions that Prove the Rule? Women and chiefship in precolonial and early colonial southeast Africa
March 3, 2010 Peter Alegi The Privatisation of African Football
February 24, 2010 Goolam Vahed, Thembisa Waetjen Thinking about a Muslim women's group in Durban
February 17, 2010 Yoon Park Visible and Vulnerable: New Asian migrant communities in South Africa
February 10, 2010 Jeff Guy Tradition in Transition: the gendered origins of Our Time
December 2, 2009 Eva Jackson “The Next Best Substitute”? Vundlazi, ruler of the Izinkumbi, gender and political control in southernmost Natal, 1840–1890
November 25, 2009 Mwelela Cele Co-opting Durban’s Black African Urban Dwellers: the establishment of the Durban Bantu Social Centre
November 18, 2009 Kalpana Hiralal ‘Daughters of Gujarat in the Diaspora’ - Narratives of Gujarati Hindu Immigrant Women in Durban
November 11, 2009 Shirley Brooks Creating Third Nature: Farm-dweller Futures and the Spatial Politics of Game Farming in KwaZulu-Natal
November 4, 2009 Julie Parle Family commitments and economies of emotions: the family and mental illness in Natal to c. 1960
October 28, 2009 Keith Breckenridge Progressivism Unleashed: Reinterpreting Reconstruction
October 21, 2009 Marijke du Toit Photographic portraiture, neighbourhood activism and apartheid’s industrial legacy: The Breathing Spaces Exhibition
October 14, 2009 Ralph Callebert Livelihood strategies of Durban dock workers, c. 1900 – 1959
October 7, 2009 Prinisha Badassy Illegitimacy, concealed births, and how the Laytons were arrested - Two cases of alleged infanticide in Natal, 1908
September 30, 2009 Bill Freund The African Middle Class of Kinshasa, a Gridlocked City in a ‘Fragile’ State, 1960-2010
September 16, 2009 Karthigasen Gopalan Defending Hinduism during the 1950s: The South African Hindu Maha Sabha and Religious Instruction at Schools
September 9, 2009 Scott Couper Luthuli's concept of civilisation
September 2, 2009 Jeff Guy Forging Natal: land rights in a colony of settlement
August 26, 2009 Raymond Suttner The Zuma era in ANC history - new crisis or new beginning?
August 19, 2009 Julia Koch Transnational religious practices of Muslims in Gujarat and South Africa
August 12, 2009 Percy Ngonyama Confining the powers of amakhosi to ‘easily manageable’ bounded territories: The solution to the ‘Native Question’ in Natal
August 5, 2009 Sharad Chari Racial infrastructure vs life in common - searching for commons in South Durban, 1902-1972
May 27, 2009 Nafisa Essop Sheik Customary Citizens and Customary Subjects: Colonial Respectability and Marriage Law in 19th Century Natal
May 20, 2009 Kathryn Oberdeck Of Tubs and Toil: Workers in an Empire of Hygiene, 1920-2000
May 13, 2009 Lungisile Ntsebeza The Mafeje and UCT saga: unfinished business?
May 6, 2009 Stephen Sparks An Act of Faith: The establishment of the SASOL Project
April 29, 2009 Jeff Guy Women in labour: the birth of colonial Natal
April 15, 2009 Will Jackson Poor Men and Loose Women: Kenya's 'Other' Whites
March 25, 2009 Elizabeth Hull A social history of Bethesda Hospital from 1937 - 1982
March 18, 2009 Meghan Healy-Clancy “A World of Their Own”: Community and Authority at an American School for Zulu Girls, 1860s to Recent Times
March 11, 2009 Jason Hickel Consciousness in Conflict: An Event History of African Unionism in the Sugar Industry
March 4, 2009 Amina Issa Anti-Malaria campaigns in urban Zanzibar, 1913-1945
February 25, 2009 Goolam Vahed, Thembisa Waetjen Kitchen Publics: Indian Delights, Gender and South African Indian Identity
November 26, 2008 Andrew MacDonald Between the Lines Towards a Cultural History of Border-Controls in Southern Africa in the first half of the 20th Century
November 19, 2008 Vashna Jagarnath One cause or many?: M.K Gandhi and the motivations of the 1913 Natal Strikes
November 12, 2008 Philippe Denis Seminary training and black consciousness in South Africa in the early 1970s
November 5, 2008 Eva Jackson "Wife of the former Chief" : the agency of widows in 1840s Natal.
October 29, 2008 Meghan Healy-Clancy A World of Their Own: Community, Power, and Resilience at an American School for South African Women, 1869 to Recent Times
October 22, 2008 Keith Breckenridge Thumbs, Fingers and Scientific Indentification: Gandhi, Smuts and the Origins of Satyagraha
October 15, 2008 Lawrence Hamilton Human Needs and Political Judgment
October 8, 2008 Sachil Singh The South African 'Information Society': Problems with Policy, Legislation, Rhetoric and Implementation
October 1, 2008 David Spurrett Knowledge, Constructivism and African Scholarship
September 17, 2008 Richard Pithouse In The Forbidden Quarters: Shacks in Durban till the end of apartheid
September 10, 2008 Percy Ngonyama The Ward System: Redefining chiefly jurisdiction in the Lower Tugela Division (LTD) of Natal, 1906-1909
September 3, 2008 Catherine Burns Interest and Emotion: Monica Hunter Wilson, Sex and Love in South African historical prose
August 27, 2008 Yoon Park Chinese in South Africa. Race, Diversity, and Exclusion.
August 20, 2008 Jeff Guy Creating Customary Law
August 13, 2008 Elizabeth Schmidt Anticolonial Nationalism in French West Africa: What Made Guinea Unique?
August 6, 2008 Richard Ballard Indigenous Landscaping and Environmental Legitimacy in Elite Housing Developments in Durban, South Africa
May 28, 2008 Shamil Jeppie The making and unmaking of colonial Shariah in the Sudan
May 21, 2008 Keith Breckenridge Special rights in property: Accounting for the significance of mining in African economic history
May 14, 2008 Trevor Getz Lessons from listening in South Africa: towards a multi-centered study of the global past
May 7, 2008 Hannah Keal "Durban's rebel trade unionist" - Harriet Bolton and Tucsa, 1973 - 1974
April 30, 2008 Harriet Deacon Clinical Research at Groote Schuur hospital, 1938-2000 - reflections on science, race, identity and internationalism
April 23, 2008 Vukile Khumalo Of Progress and Projects: A Preliminary Report on Six Former American Board “Mission” Stations on the South Coast of KZN
April 9, 2008 Mandisa Mbali Progressive Healthworker AIDS Activism, 1982 - 1994
March 19, 2008 Erin Freas-Smith Domestic Work in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, an Oral and Social History
March 12, 2008 Lubna Nadvi SA Muslims and Political Engagement in Post-Apartheid South Africa
March 5, 2008 Kirsten Ruether Addressing the Authorities: Attempted Professionalisation among African Healers' Associations in the 1930s
February 27, 2008 Goolam Vahed Biography of Ahmed Deedat
February 20, 2008 Debby Bonnin Young women and the lived experience of political violence – perspectives from the civil war in KwaZulu-Natal
November 7, 2007 Natasha Erlank Missionaries as Anthropologists
October 31, 2007 Jeff Guy Restoring Good Hope
October 24, 2007 Yvonne Erasmus Negotiating racial boundaries: Dialectic strategies of apartheid's Supreme Court judges in appeals against racial (re)classifica
October 17, 2007 Gerhard Maré Reconstruction, but on old foundations: classification in the new South Africa
October 10, 2007 Sabine Marchall Pointing to the Dead: Victims, Martyrs and Public Memory in South Africa
October 3, 2007 Julian Brown 'I shall obey the orders of my leaders...' - A Congress Tradition of Protest?
September 19, 2007 Venitha Pillay Academic Mothers
September 12, 2007 Thembisa Waetjen School Days in the City of our Childhood: Summary narrative for the Local History Museum, Durban Municipality.
September 5, 2007 Karin Willemse The Darfur War, Gender, and the Contingency of Sudanese Citizenship
August 29, 2007 Prinisha Badassy "I am going to burn it, so that it will not be seen!" : Infanticide and the case of Richard T H Harrison, Natal, 1846 - 1917
August 22, 2007 Monique Marks Real or imagined? Local security governance in Durban
August 15, 2007 Mandisa Mbali Challenging the ‘celibate miner’ thesis: Race and sexuality in early workplace-based AIDS activism
August 8, 2007 Nigel Gibson No Longer in Heaven: Approaching Fanon's L'an cinq de la révolution Algérienne Fifty Years Later
June 20, 2007 Geoff Eley No Need to Choose: Cultural History and the History of Society
June 13, 2007 Marijke du Toit Challenges and questions encountered in preparing a photography exhibition about Durban’s industrial suburbs.
June 6, 2007 Catherine Burns Pubic Publics: The Zuma Trial and the history of Sex in South Africa
May 30, 2007 Vashna Jagarnath Reading an Archive Focussed on its Archivist – the case of Mohandas Gandhi
May 23, 2007 Jeff Guy The weapons of pedagogy: origins, art and archaeology
May 16, 2007 Muzi Hadebe Pleading for Clemency through Poetry: Discursive Issues in the 1906 Poll Tax Rebellion
May 9, 2007 Goolam Vahed Islamic finance in South Africa
May 2, 2007 Craig Kesson The Cultural History of Blood
April 25, 2007 Hannah Keal “How Harriet Sewed Up the Rag Trade”: Harriet Bolton and the Garment Workers Industrial Union: 1967-1971
April 17, 2007 Richard Pithouse Philosophy of poverty in the New South Africa
April 10, 2007 Andrew MacDonald Rights of Passage.
March 27, 2007 Keith Breckenridge The historiography of racist violence.
March 13, 2007 Percy Ngonyama Adams College and Bantu Education: A proposal for research
March 6, 2007 Mandisa Mbali Challenging the 'celibate miner' thesis: Race and sexuality in early workplace-based South Africa AIDS activism
February 27, 2007 Scott Couper Luthuli and Bantustans
February 20, 2007 Radhamany Sooryamoorthy Collaboration Blues
November 21, 2006 Suryakanthie Chetty This Great Adventure
November 7, 2006 Amina Issa Public Health in Zanzibar
October 31, 2006 Elizabeth Perrill Aesthetically Speaking Speaking with Aesthetics: Subtlety in Contemporary Zulu Ceramic Arts
October 24, 2006 Lesley Newson Influences on Communication about Reproduction: The Cultural Evolution of Low Fertility
October 17, 2006 David Moore Lumumba the film: History or Hagiography?
October 10, 2006 Kelly Gillespie The moral architecture of post-apartheid prisons
October 3, 2006 Catherine Burns Reassessing the South African demographic transition: the role of state directed contraceptive technology
September 19, 2006 John Wright Beyond the Zulu aftermath: rescrambling southern Africas mfecane migrations
September 12, 2006 Vinay Lal The Politics and Limits of Subaltern History
September 5, 2006 Goolam Vahed The Social History of Durban's Grey Street Mosque (1880 - 1930)
August 29, 2006 Vukile Khumalo Selfhood and publicity: Reconfiguring the idea of ibandla in 19thC KZN
August 15, 2006 Bernard Dubbeld Constraining political unionism and creating contingent labor: Interpreting Durban Dockwork in the 1980s
June 6, 2006 Vashna Jagarnath The South African Gandhi: A critical historiographical review
May 30, 2006 William Chafe From Jim Crow to Civil Rights
May 23, 2006 Nafisa Essop Sheik Making the Personal Civil: The Protectors Office and the Administration of Indian Personal Law in Colonial Natal 1872-1887
May 16, 2006 Keith Breckenridge Made in America: Progressive Mining Engineers and the Legal Foundations of the South African State
May 9, 2006 Mark Hunter From apartheid migration to neo-liberal informalization The changing Political Economy of Sex in South Africa
April 25, 2006 Vanessa Noble The Politics of Memory and Memory of Politics: Remembering and Silencing in Written and Oral Narratives about the University of
April 18, 2006 Monica Patterson Graphic Language and the Poster Child: Images of Children in South African Political Posters of the 1980s
April 4, 2006 Jeff Guy no eyes no interest no frame of reference: Rosa Luxemburg southern African historiography and pre-capitalist of modes of product
March 28, 2006 Petro Kostiv Black Spot Removals and Post-Apartheid Land Reform
March 21, 2006 Hlonipha Mokoena Kwaluke impi: War and rumours of war in the writings of Magema Magwaza Fuze
March 14, 2006 Scott Couper Luthuli and the Armed Struggle: Nelson Mandela as the historiographical father
March 7, 2006 Philippe Denis The August 1985 attack on the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa
November 29, 2005 Caroline Jeannerat Writing faith in the life of S M Dzivhani
November 22, 2005 Richard Pithouse The Left in the Slum: the rise of a shack dwellers
November 15, 2005 Melissa Van Oordt Black December Myths Fear and Sharks
November 8, 2005 Julie Parle The Voice of History? Archives Ethics and Historians
November 1, 2005 Patrick Bond The Dispossession of African Wealth Perverse Subsidies and Reverse Resource Flows
October 25, 2005 Natasha Erlank Well coming straight to business immediate marriage is absolutely impossible: Seduction Christian-Style in the Eastern Cape c193
October 18, 2005 Thembisa Waetjen Measures of Redress: Defining Disadvantage in a university access programme
October 11, 2005 Lawrence Hamilton Citizenship and Popular Sovereignty in South Africa (cancelled)
October 4, 2005 Lynn Thomas The Modern Girl and Racial Respectability in 1930s South Africa
September 27, 2005 Prinisha Badassy and my blood became hot!Crimes of Passion Crimes of Reason: An analysis of the crimes of murder and physical assault against
September 13, 2005 Marijke du Toit Durban South Photography Project
September 6, 2005 Vukile Khumalo Writing down words: Death and Political Imagination
August 30, 2005 Scott Couper My People Let Go: A Historical Examination of Chief Albert Luthuli and His Position on the Use of Violence
August 23, 2005 Tony Simpson Learning Sex and Gender: Masculinities in the time of HIV/AIDS
August 16, 2005 Felipe Calvao The late 19th century Swazi-Mozambiquan land dispute: the making of a Southern African Colonial Border
August 9, 2005 Bernard Dubbeld Marx on Productive Labor: Valorization Subjectivity and Temporality in Capital
June 14, 2005 Vashna Jagarnath Politics of the body: the impact of the population registration act on individual and group identity in Sydenham 1960-2000
June 7, 2005 Molly Margaretten Point Taken: Durbans Street Youth and the Creation of Informal Street Shelters
May 31, 2005 Nsizwa Dlamini Royal Symbolisms and the State: Biographies of Monuments in Natal and Zululand 1930-1941
May 24, 2005 Miles Larmer Zambias Mineworkers and Post-colonial Political Change
May 17, 2005 Sarah M. Mathis From War Leaders to Freedom Fighters: Shifting Forms of Violence in Umbumbulu during the 80s and 90s
May 10, 2005 David Moore The Pitfalls of Patriotic History in Zimbabwe: A Collective Interrogation of a Vice-Presidents Very Political Biography
May 3, 2005 Andre Du Toit Narratives of political violence
April 19, 2005 Stephen Sparks Civic Culture
April 12, 2005 Keith Breckenridge Towards a Theory of the Biometric State
March 22, 2005 Nafisa Essop Sheik Labouring under the Law: Exploring the Agency of Indian Women under Indenture in Colonial Natal 1860
March 15, 2005 Thomas McClendon You Are What You Eat Up: Deposing Chiefs in Colonial Natal
March 8, 2005 Rob Pattman Researching and working with boys in the context of HIV/AIDS - a radical approach
November 23, 2004 Vukile Khumalo Taking down words: Death and Political Imagination
November 16, 2004 Mark Hunter From Migrating Men to Moving Women: Forgotten lessons from the Karks on methodology migration and disease
November 9, 2004 Sarah M. Mathis Disobedient Daughters and the Discourse of Rights: Mother-Daughter Discord in Rural KZN
November 2, 2004 Thembisa Waetjen Gender power and the power of gender in modern nationalism
October 26, 2004 Jeff Guy Somewhere over the rainbow: The nation-state democracy and race in a globalising South Africa
October 19, 2004 Grant Farred Living In An Open Parentheses: A Cabralian Theory for the Postcolonial
October 12, 2004 John Wright Reconstituting Shaka Zulu for the 21st century
October 5, 2004 Radhamany Sooryamoorthy Scientific Collaboration and the Kerala Model: Does the Internet Make a Difference?
September 28, 2004 Blessing Karumbidza The miracle that never was: re-considering agrarian reform for African households in post-independence Zimbabwe
September 7, 2004 Julie Parle The Mad in Their Midst: Accommodating Insanity and the Natal Government Asylum 1880-1920
August 31, 2004 Julian Brown The Rules of Violence?
August 24, 2004 Onookome Okome Modes of seeing: popular culture and the video in Africa
August 17, 2004 Bernard Dubbeld Containerizing Politics Politicizing Containers: Struggles to represent Durbans Dockworkers 1959-1985
August 10, 2004 Andrew Nash Gandhi in South Africa: An Interpretation
June 1, 2004 Thoko Ndaba, Catherine Burns The History and Politics of Breastfeeding in South Africa in the Context of the Current HIV Driven Breastfeeding Crisis
May 18, 2004 Michael Neocosmos Re-thinking Politics today: elements of a critique of political liberalism in Southern Africa
May 11, 2004 Vanessa Noble Life was always like a State of Emergency: Black Medical Student Experiences at the University of Natal Medical School 1950-1990
May 4, 2004 Gerhard Maré Using Shaka on the land in the sea and in the air: cultural tourism in KZN
April 27, 2004 Stephen Sparks Stink maar uit die verkeerde rigting: Pollution Petroleum and Politics in South Africa 1954-1960
April 20, 2004 Colin Murray Medicine Murder in Colonial Lesotho: The Anatomy of a Moral Crisis
March 30, 2004 Lance Van Sittert The Supernatural State: water divining and the Cape underground water rush 1891-1910
March 23, 2004 David Moore The Second Age of the Third World: From Primitive Accumulation to Public Goods
March 16, 2004 Mark Hunter All you need is love? The courting gift in 20th century KwaZulu-Natal
March 9, 2004 Ashwin Desai, Richard Pithouse But We Were Thousands - Dispossession Resistance Repossession and Repression in Mandela Park
March 2, 2004 Raymond Suttner The role and character of intellectuals in the ANC-led liberation movement
February 24, 2004 Keith Breckenridge Lord Milners registry and the making of South African exceptionalism
November 18, 2003 Cherryl Walker Rethinking the land question
November 11, 2003 Jeff Guy IMIFANEKISO Photographic Portraits from mid-nineteenth century Natal: the work of Dr R J Mann
October 28, 2003 Mandisa Mbali Politics of AIDS Activism in the 1980s in KZN
October 21, 2003 Suryakanthie Chetty The Visual Construction of Gender and Race in the South African Military 1939 - 1945
October 14, 2003 Marijke du Toit The General View and Beyond: Social documentary photography slum clearance and state social welfare programmes ca 1934 - 1948
October 7, 2003 Paul Nursey-Bray Anarchism and Poststructuralism
September 30, 2003 Paul Edwards The World in a Machine: Origins and Impacts of Early Computerized Global Systems Models
September 16, 2003 Sharad Chari Capital as Toil: Peasant-Workers and the Agrarian Past in a South Indian Industrial Town
September 9, 2003 Narissa Ramdhani The role of the US anti-apartheid organisations in the liberation struggle
September 2, 2003 Philippe Denis Are Zulu children allowed to ask questions? Silence Death and Memory in the Times of AIDS
August 26, 2003 Gabrielle Hecht Rupture Talk in the Nuclear Age: Conjugating Colonial Power in Africa
August 19, 2003 Sinothi Thabethe The Legislative impact of Natal laws on the powers of amakhosi 1875-1897
August 12, 2003 Raewyn Connell Intellectuals and globalization: a southern perspective
August 5, 2003 Shula Marks The silent scourge? Silicosis respiratory disease and gold-mining in South Africa
June 3, 2003 Julie Parle, Michael R Mahoney Love in Troubled Times: Gender and Sexual Violence in Natal after Rinderpest
May 27, 2003 Keith Breckenridge Power without Knowledge: Three 19th Century South African Colonialisms
May 20, 2003 Mark Hunter Masculinities and multiple partners in KwaZulu-Natal: The Making and Unmaking of Isoka
May 13, 2003 Susan Newton-King For the love of Adam: two sodomy trials at the Cape of Good Hope
May 6, 2003 Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala The Virgin Cleansing Myth: Gendered Bodies HIV/AIDS and Ethnomedicine
April 22, 2003 Shirley Brooks Images of Wild Africa: Nature Tourism and the (Re)creation of Hluhluwe Game Reserve 1930-1945
April 8, 2003 Estelle Liebenberg-Barkhuizen Mary Stainbank modernism and the Spirit of Africa
April 1, 2003 Richard Pithouse Taking Fanons Humanism Seriously
March 25, 2003 Stephen Sparks Playing at Public Health: The Search for Control in South Durban 1860-1932
March 18, 2003 Richard Ballard An Elephant in the Living Room: Untangling the Denial of the Importance of Race by Whites in the New South Africa
March 11, 2003 Mxolisi Dlamuka Aspects of Representation and the Making of Historical Discourse in the Local History Museums c1900-1990s
March 4, 2003 Achille Mbembe Temporality and History Writing
January 28, 2003 Grace Davie Student Wages Commissions and the ambiguities of poverty expertise in the making of South Africas trade unions 1968-1973
December 3, 2002 Catherine Burns Contraception: The Theories and Practices of Preventing Conception in South Africa circa 1920s to 1960s
November 26, 2002 Marijke du Toit Binnelandse reise (Interior journeys): The Carnegie Commission of Investigation into the Poor White Problem Photograph Album (19
November 19, 2002 Nsizwa Dlamini Re-questioning Through Investigating Heritage Production Patterns: The Case of the Significance of King Shaka in KwaZulu 1977-92
November 12, 2002 Bill Freund Elite formation and elite bonding: social structure and development in Durban
November 5, 2002 Verne Harris Freedom of Information in South Africa and Archives for Justice
October 29, 2002 Susanne M. Klausen The Uncertain Future of White Supremacy and the Politics of Fertility in South Africa 1910-1939
October 22, 2002 Narissa Ramdhani Armed struggle and informal diplomacy; the ANC and the USA 1976-1981
October 15, 2002 Steve Kotze A diversity of control: Lions Bush Conservancy
October 8, 2002 Chizuko Sato Rural land struggles in northern KwaZulu-Natal South Africa from mid-1950s to mid-1990s
October 1, 2002 Julie Parle Death in Black and White: Suicide statistics and race in Natal 1880-1916
September 17, 2002 Robert Papini Breathing life into Dry Bones: The Dingiswayo-Mthethwa Myth and the Teaching of Contemporary Oral History in South Africa
September 3, 2002 Norman Etherington Pre-Mfecane States
August 13, 2002 Julian Brown The principle of minimum violence: the late Apartheid State and Research into Tear Gas 1977-1987
June 11, 2002 Jeff Guy Making an Inkatha: Dinuzulus War Doctor before the Native High Court
June 4, 2002 Hlonipha Mokoena Writing and Literacy in the making of South African sovereigns and subjects
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