Natal South Coast Region: A review of African interaction with colonization

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May 21, 2014
The settler mindset which prevailed during the period under review was the product of a series of experiences. Following the Sixth Frontier War in the Eastern Cape, the 1857 mutiny in India, the Morant Bay rebellion of 1865 in Jamaica, and the 1845-1872 Maori wars in New Zealand, there was a rise in settler influence over the colonial state which, as the policy of confederation in South Africa (which sought to bring the Boer republics, British colonies, and independent African groups under common control), intended, was to consolidate settler domination and hegemony. That outlook received endorsement from Anthony Trollope, a prolific English novelist of the Victorian era. Arising from his tour of South Africa in 1877, he published a two-volume work in which he supported the idea of white supremacy which he saw as being necessary to ‘civilise’ the indigenous African.
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